“Your hobby is work!”

It was this statement made by her husband during a conversation about hobbies and the things they enjoyed doing in their free time that made Jennifer rethink how she was spending her life. She had to admit that it did seem like she was always doing things related with her career in higher education. This didn’t seem like a particularly healthy way to go through life, so she started thinking of things that she enjoyed doing outside of work. Fused glass was the answer!

Jennifer became interested in fused glass art when she wrote a feature news story on glass artist, Patti Quinn, owner of Aurora Radiant Glass Art. Patti invited Jennifer to create a fused glass plate with her… and later offered her a job. Jennifer worked with Patti in her studio for over a year before she moved full-time into education.

In 2011, owner and glass artist, John Phillips, reintroduced Jennifer to fused glass art at Fire and Light Glass Studio. In 2012, at the encouragement of friends and family, she applied to her first juried art show and was accepted.

“I love how the glass medium is such an excellent metaphor for the human condition. Just as we can only reach our potential when faced with the fire of life’s trials and tribulations, fused glass must be fired in the kiln to become what it never could be without it. The real beauty and potential of the glass is only revealed through the fire! Sometimes the glass doesn’t come out of the kiln the way we expect, but just as life does not always go the way we expect or end with our mistakes… glass can always be reworked… and sometimes those unexpected outcomes can turn into the impetus for inspiration and creation of artwork more beautiful than originally conceived!”

Today, Jennifer lives in Mt. Airy, Georgia where she is the owner of Jennifer Benson Glass Art. She continues to develop her glass skills, seek new challenges, and create glass art and artisan pieces for beauty and function.