Thoughty Rocks

Pick a Thought… Pick a Rock… and You’ve Got a Thoughty Rock!

I wanted to create something that was really affordable and perfect for gift-giving. These fused glass stones feature a variety of themes accompanied by a card with thoughts that are short, simple, and to the point! They’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or carry in your pocket… large enough to keep them from being easily lost. Perfect for giving on any occasion… especially “just because!”

US Armed Forces Thoughty Rocks, approx. 1.5″ x 1.5,” $2.50 each
White Star on Opaque Colors Associated with Service Branches
Thought: So Proud… Be Safe… Come Home!

Which color would you like?

Encouragement Thoughty Rocks, approx. 1″- 2″ dia., $2.50
College-Bound, Graduation, New Job…: Star on Cathedral Glass Background
Thought: Dream Big… Go Far… Never Forget Home!

Who could you encourage with this?

Thinking of You – Encouragement Thoughty Rocks, 1″ – 2″ dia., $2.50 each
Flower on Cathedral Glass Background
Thought: You’re Unique… You’re You… You’re Loved!